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A subset of the broader Hongqiao area, Gubei is distinct in its own right. Part of this distinction comes from the high number of Asian expats from Japan, Korea and Taiwan residing in the area and the related services geared towards them, such as Japanese supermarkets and Korean restaurants. While a certain number of Western expats do live in the area, most tend to take the full step inside the Inner Ring Road or back a bit further to the villas of Hongqiao only a few blocks to the west, as the difference in density from downtown to Gubei is not particularly notable. Gubei is, however, close enough to Hongqiao that its services are patronized by Hongqiao’s residents as well as some residing inside the ring. In Gubei, accommodation is dominated by high-rise apartment blocks and compounds – there is a wide selection to choose from, including numerous that are luxurious. Gubei is also notable for the number of embassies located in the area.

City Condo
118 Ziyun Road, Changning District, Shanghai
La Belle Vie
619 Huang Jin Cheng Dao, Changning District, Shanghai
Maison Des Artistes
688 Huang Jin Cheng Dao, Changning District, Shanghai
Oasis Riviera Garden
883 Shuicheng Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Qiangsheng Gubei Garden
171 Huang Jin Cheng Dao, Changning District, Shanghai
Regents Park
88 Huichuan Road, Changning Road, Shanghai


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