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If you're considering living downtown, then the sought-after Jing’an District will be one of your primary options. It is centrally located with easy access to the Bund, People’s Square and the French Concession and has an abundance of living options, including numerous luxury high rise developments and colonial apartments. Though it is one of the smallest districts in Shanghai at 7.62 square kilometers it is also one of the most densely populated, housing almost 400,000 residents or about 40,000 people per square kilometer. While these numbers may seem astronomical to some and give rise to thoughts of intense human congestion, they shouldn’t. That’s not to say the area isn’t crowded at times or that the traffic isn’t bad, because it is. However, if you are considering downtown Shanghai as an option, then the same can be said about most areas – even the French Concession, whose quaint and leafy streets suffer from worse rush hour gridlock as they were not constructed to deal with the burdens of modern traffic, whereas most of Jing’an was. Shanghai is a megacity (the largest in the world if you include suburban areas) and the main attraction of Jing’an is being at the center of it all.

8 Park Avenue
650 Wuding Road, Jing\'an District, Shanghai
Central Residence
Lane 1038, Huashan Road, Changning District
City Castle
Lane 1068, Xinzha Road, Jing\'an District, Shanghai
Jing An Four Seasons
333 Shimen No.1 Road, Jing\'an District, Shanghai
Ladoll International City
Lane 758, Beijing West Road, Shanghai
One Park Avenue
500 Changde Road, Jing\'an District, Shanghai
Territory Shanghai
Lane 625, Taixing Road, Jing An District, Shanghai


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JINGAN 8 Park Avenue Central Residence City Castle Jing An Four Seasons Ladoll International City One Park Avenue Territory Shanghai
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